Package and Benefits

Contract: All staff receive a standard, Ministry of Education approved contract.

Visas: GBS provides assistance and the necessary information in order to obtain the initial entry visa and subsequent Kuwait Residency. The employee must provide authenticated documents (transcripts, degrees) from the country of origin. The school pays the any costs associated with the visa.

Duties: In addition to classroom teaching responsibilities and in-service days, the teacher is required to attend relevant parent information evenings and parent conferences. Teachers are required to contribute their time and skills annually to the school’s extra-curricular activities program. Teachers are paid a stipend for providing extracurricular activities.


Salaries: All salaries are quoted in Kuwaiti Dinars (approx. 1KD = US$ 3.3). Kuwait does not impose income taxes. Annual teaching salaries are calculated on the GBS Salary Scale reflecting qualifications and experience. Salaries are paid in arrears at the end of each month for 12 months beginning on the first work day of the contract year, through August of that academic year. Salaries for June, July and August are paid in June, at the start of the summer holiday.


Health Care: GBS pays all fees related to the Kuwait National Health Insurance system.


Benefits: Teachers recruited overseas will receive the following benefits:


Airline Ticket: Overseas teachers are paid a stipend at the end of the year to purchase the ticket. The stipend varies depending on the place of permanent residence. It ranges between KD 100 to KD 300.


Optional Relocation Loan: A relocation loan of KD 200 per teacher is paid to expatriate recruits upon arrival in Kuwait for the initial contract. It is deducted from the first month’s salary.


Accommodation: Overseas hired teachers receive 200KD/month housing allowance.


Transportation: The school does not provide transportation to and from the school. However, the school does provide transportation for staff to the different Ministries to finalize their approval and residency.  Many teachers share taxis to limit costs, which can be arranged for an average of 80KD per month per taxi. Teachers may also rent cars once they obtain their residency visa.


Indemnity: According to Kuwait Labor Law, an indemnity pay equivalent to 15 days salary is paid for each year of service at the end of service. This benefit is increased to one month salary after completion of five years of service.