Mr. Michael Mulridge

Dear Parents/Guardians

I am delighted to welcome back our students and parents to what will surely be another exciting year at GBS. It will be a year full of learning and lots of fun for our students. During last year GBS undertook a series of changes designed to enhance the learning environment for our students and provide them the tools they will need to be successful in the 21st century. We continue this year with some exciting new changes that will further enrich the learning within a safe and secure environment.

We introduced the new high school this year which will now allow our students to start and finish their elementary and secondary education at GBS. We will be extending our focus of online and technology based education and will include grade 4 in the BYOD program. We have introduced homeroom teaching to grade 1. We have redesigned our classrooms and now students in the elementary grades (GR-1-5) will no longer move classes for core subjects. Teachers will rotate. This will help eliminate the need for children to carry heavy book bags up and down stairs. Students will be able to leave their bags in one classroom. We are introducing a new health and wellness program to PreK-Grade1 students. This is a wonderful international program, now approved by the ministry, designed to provide effective, preventative, and innovative safety education. International trainers will visit GBS in September to provide professional development on how to deliver the program. We are introducing MAP testing to our students in grades 4-10. We are also introducing IXL to our grades 4-10 students. We will also be providing each student in grades 4-10 with their own Email account which they will use on all relevant programs. Communication between students, parents and teachers will now be by-way of Google Classroom. More details about all of these exciting programs will be forthcoming in the near future. We are committed to providing the tools necessary for a successful academic career.  This will be accomplished in a safe and secure campus.

We have installed a cluster of security cameras throughout the school campus (inside and outside) and will shortly be introducing a more secure process for visitors, including parents. More about this will be forthcoming. Parents should understand that the new procedures, to be implemented shortly, will restrict their ability to more freely around campus. It is imperative that GBS provides a safe environment for students and staff. Please understand that the new measures are designed to provide that safe environment.

During the course of this year I hope to have the chance to meet as many of you as possible thus providing me the opportunity to not only get to know our parents but also to share some of the exciting changes that will occur over the course of the year. I remain committed to providing your child with the best possible education and that will remain the focus. All decisions that are made will have, at their core, the best interest of the children and their learning. This continues to be my commitment to you.



Let me conclude by saying that one of the changes made last year and continuing this year involves how we communicate with you, the parents. Please note that the majority of the communication we will have with you, including notices, will be communicated via our website, Facebook, Instagram or Email.

Instagram: GBS_kw

Facebook: Al Ghanim Bilingual School


I wish to thank you all, in advance, for your anticipated support this year and I look forward to working with all of you as we, together, build bridges and seek to create the leaders of tomorrow.

Warmest regards,

Michael J Mulridge

School Director