Canteen Policy and Procedures

Policy Statement


The school canteen primary function is to provide snack food to students and staff during school hours. It also provides opportunities for students to practice consumer skills and make healthful decisions. The canteen aspires to complement and support student learning by reinforcing teachers’ messages about food through the provision of snack food and beverages based on healthful dietary guidelines for children and adolescents and on MOE guidelines. The School Canteen will demonstrate a high standard of hygiene in relation to the storage and serving of food. GBS is a nut free campus.

Canteen operators and canteen staff will:

  • promote and provide food and beverages to support health and wellbeing
  • reinforce nutrition and hygiene programs
  • keep the wellbeing of the student foremost in mind in decisions about offerings, services, and procedures.
  • Ensure that all products sold are nut free.
  • operate as a viable business while supporting the health and wellbeing of its consumers.
  • reinforce environmental education particularly in regard to waste management through

      practical implementation of waste disposal procedures.


Canteen Procedures


The school administration develops school canteen procedures in consultation with canteen staff and school staff, and regularly updates these procedures. The goal of canteen procedures is:

To ensure student and staff safety and health and promote healthful choices in canteen offerings.

To take action to minimize waste and implement recycling (e.g. plastic water bottles, juice containers, snack packaging, etc. )

To provide a healthy menu that is respectful of Islamic traditions and Kuwait culture and is sensitive to the medical conditions/food restriction of students, e.g. food allergies.

To avoid the promotion of foods high in fat, salt and sugar.


Foods not to be sold in the Canteen


High fat and salt snack foods such as potato chips, etc. and foods that have high sugar

content such as candy; chocolates and soft drinks will not be available from the Canteen.

No products containing nuts will be sold.