Physical Education is an integral part of the school curriculum. Participation in sports develops and instills the qualities of teamwork, healthy competition, self-control and self-discipline, and fair play. We believe that the physical fitness, the discipline, and values acquired in PE classes can help promote balanced comprehensive spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development. PE classes are not only fun; they can also enhance and promote academic success and have a lasting impact upon becoming a more successful individual and a better citizen.

AlGhanim Bilingual School (GBS) is a member of the BSSFK sports federation. Our middle school soccer team for boys competes in the interscholastic tournaments and brings pride to the GBS community. In addition, our students participate in a number of sporting events in the community such as the “RunQ8 Annual Charity Marathon.”

Our plan for next year is to participate in BSSFK with soccer, basketball, and handball teams for girls and boys, middle school and elementary division.

We are also a member of BSSFK, which is a sports organization for Bilingual Schools.