Philosophy and Objectives



AlGhanim Bilingual School (GBS) believes that:

  • Education is fundamental to the overall positive development of the child's personality.
  • The ultimate goal of education is to assist in the development of the child's ethical system.

  • Education is the development of the child’s abilities and the cultivation of his/her creative and critical aptitudes.
  • The learner is the central interest of the school; the school must help every child experience success in the learning process.
  • The school is committed to treating all students in a fair and just manner.
  • The school promotes the values of cooperation and solidarity among all participants in the educational process.
  • The school makes every effort to provide an enjoyable, healthy learning environment.
  • The school links theory to practice, adopting a rational attitude towards knowledge and valuing strong work ethics and high moral standards.
  • GBS staff shall embody the school philosophy and mission in their demeanor and their performance.
  • GBS leadership shall interpret the school philosophy into instructional curriculum, programs, activities, and procedures.



GBS philosophy and teachings foster:

  • A genuine commitment to Arab and Islamic culture, heritage, and values.
  • A modern cosmopolitan perspective through the promotion of tolerance of individual differences and free exchange of ideas and views.
  • The practice of good citizenship and effective participation in national and global development.
  • The overall development of the child’s personality through the acquisition of the intellectual, psychological, physical, and social skills and attitudes that promote life-long self-development.
  • The pursuit of excellence and high achievement as a way of life.