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Founders’ Message


It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Al-Ghanim Bilingual School (GBS) website. AlGhanim Bilingual School (GBS) is a great school where parents who genuinely care about learning and education enroll their children. We have created this website with the intent of giving you a brief glimpse of our school and what we have to offer. We hope that it will be a valuable resource to everyone in our community, and to those who wish to join it.


AlGhanim Bilingual School (GBS) was founded upon a central guiding principle: preparing our children to meet the challenges of a changing world. To this end, the founders have striven to create a school with a strong bilingual program that builds on both American and Arabic curricula, and teaches students the values of excellence and high achievement. In addition, we take great care to insure that instruction is given in an enjoyable, healthy learning environment that fosters a life-long love of learning.

Over the past two decades, AlGhanim Bilingual School (GBS) students have benefited from the challenging curriculum that lays the foundations for their becoming decision makers and leaders in their own community and in the global community. At AlGhanim Bilingual School (GBS), bilingual education is not merely teaching two languages or instructing in two languages; it is educating individuals capable of building communication channels of mutual understanding between the local and the global communities. Our students are proficient in the English language as well as in their mother tongue (Arabic language). We expose them to other cultures with an open mind and a modern cosmopolitan perspective that promotes the tolerance of individual differences and the free exchange of ideas and views and accept the cultural differences.  At the same time, we nurture a sense of belonging to a distinct cultural identity with a genuine commitment to Arab and Islamic culture, heritage, and values.


We are proud of how our school has grown and how much of a difference we have made in the community. We are confident that our graduates will maintain the reputation they have as being of the best educated and well-mannered in Kuwait, and that our school will continue to develop its curriculum and teaching style to maintain the high standards that have become its trade mark.


We look forward to the coming years as we realize AlGhanim Bilingual School (GBS) development plans to expand our facilities and diversify our programs to cater to a larger number of students. AlGhanim Bilingual School (GBS) will continue to grow with the trust and support of parents. In close collaboration between the home and the school we can “plan for a brighter future” for our children and pave their way to a successful and happy life.



Abdul Mohsen Mohammad AlShaheen Al-Ghanim

School Owner